Guest Profile

Alise Marie

Author, actress, and certified holistic nutritionist, Alise Marie is passionate about a plant-powered lifestyle aligned with the cycles of the earth and stars. 

She has been conjuring botanical beauty potions for over thirty years, drawing from ancient traditions, herbalism, astrology, and  tarot.  She invites you to enjoy these potent  rituals that embrace life with sensuality, glamour, and joie de vivre. 

Ms. Marie has been featured internationally in magazines, websites, and live events. She is a quarterly contributor to Enchanted living magazine, which also hosts her monthly online column, The Beauty Witch.  

Autumn of 2021 saw the release of her eco-luxe line of beauty products, and her first book in a series, The Beauty Witch's Secrets will be released in May 2022 in the States, June 2022 in the UK, Canada, and Australia. 

She currently resides in New York City.