Guest Profile

Alison Arnoff

Proud near death survivor who woke up after 6 days in suspended animation and didn’t want to change a thing. Alison was already living an unboxed life, on her own terms, free from expectations, limitations and blindspots  not living in the boxes and boundaries put on by others in her career and in her life.  She has doubled down on helping others reach their next big audacious goal by learning to live their life unboxed.


Alison’s life has never been ordinary.  From her fifth grade math teacher calling her mom to say the boys didn’t like that she raised her hand first in class, to getting Master’s In Engineering at a time that was rare for women.  She grew up in the city of Chicago swimming for a tiny team at a YMCA and became a Division 1 Scholarship Swimmer.  She solo backpacks around the world, chums up sharks for fun and dives with them and stand up paddling boards in the ocean with whales, Alison has always linked an unboxed life.  This doesn’t mean people didn’t put her in boxes or she put herself in them, but she has a track record of busting them open.


After a 30 year career in tech Alison left her corporate year to go back to school to be an executive coach to be the resource she wished she had on their journey by being her clients biggest champion and challenger.  Alison is a resilient, inspirational adventurer that impacts all lives she encounters. Alison did not give up on herself and definitely doesn’t give up on her clients.