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Alison J. Kay

Alison J. Kay, PhD is a Holistic Life Coach, an India trained YA Yoga & Meditation teacher, an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and an energy healer/shifter of 16 years nicknamed "the lightning bolt" due to the power of her energy healings and clearings with clients around the globe. She has been a meditator for 20 years and a meditation teacher for 14. She is also a vegetarian while being an endurance athlete, weight trainer and yoga practitioner. The unique blend of credentials, use of multiple modalities, and the wealth of experience she acquired during the 10 years she spent living in Asia studying subtle energy practices, make her perspective and manner of working with people around the world incredibly powerful.

The results she achieves on behalf of her clients' desires for changing their lives in any area - physical health, emotional patterns, psychological patterns, spiritual openings & awakenings speak for themselves. She hosts her ever insightful radio show, "Create Your Best Life Ever What Else is Possible?" on World Talk Radio, the biggest online media company, on the 7th Wave Channel of Alison's show is much sought after, and is in the top-ten on the channel.

Most recently, she is the author of "What If There's Nothing Wrong?" published by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House. Written at the tail end of her ten years living and working in Asia to understand why it seems now that we're less equipped to create vibrantly healthy, happy lives in the West, Alison J. Kay, PhD, documents an eye-opening, sometimes humorous, sometimes raw contrast of modern, globalized, Western culture with Asian. She currently resides in Florida. Visit for more information about her products and services that can make you thrive, feel alive, and upgrade your vibe


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