Guest Profile

Alison Lebrun

Alison H. LeBrun is an Intuitive Play Coach who works with clients from all over the world to support them in creatively pursuing their unique potential, and gifts. It is her intention to playfully, and powerfully support people to move through their blocks, so they are free to create a life of their own unique design. She has 19 years of training, and development in the field of personal growth, and has had the great blessing of training, studying, and being mentored by many masters. She incorporates her training in Yoga, Dance, BodyTalk, Improv, Performing Arts, Energy, Coaching, leadership in all of her one on one, and group transformative experiences. She is a graduate of Wheaton College, with a BA in Literature and Art, a Presidential Scholar Athlete, and a fundraiser for 2015 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Kailash Satyarthi (founder of Free the Child Movement, a worldwide organization committed to ending child slavery).