Guest Profile

Allan Coviello

Allan Coviello is co-founder and CEO of TADgreen, Inc., the Greenland, NH-based company he began in late 2007. TADgreen markets and distributes the E-cloth line of chemical-free cleaning products. The first three letters of the company name TAD are an acronym for think, act and do:

Think about the environment in everyday life
Act environmentally responsible
Do implement environmentally-friendly alternatives in households and workplaces

Coviello could be referred to as an ecologically-focused entrepreneur. In his career he has been involved in businesses that focused on ecologically-friendly issues. E-cloth is his latest. It has widespread benefits to greener living because it addresses something people need to do often clean where they live. E-cloths clean without using paper towels or household chemicals so there are no trees felled... no landfill waste... no air or water pollution.

Today, Allan has increased the line to over 20 products, so theres an E-cloth product for just about every place you live.