Guest Profile

Allison Agius

Allison Agius, coming from a chaotic and unstable childhood, did not believe that she was 'the kind of person who wrote books.' However, she couldn't help herself and she has written in the region of about eight novels over the past twenty years, so far only a few have been shared with anyone.

Allison feels that, like all craft, there is an apprenticeship required. Now she's ready to start sharing more of her work, and in April 2013 she gave up a successful executive position managing a charity, to write full-time. She has savings to last for six months.

She writes modern, gritty, spiritual fiction for the thinking person, designed to challenge, inspire and entertain. Her life's purpose is to use her passion and tenacity to teach and inspire others to release their self limiting beliefs in order for them to realize their dreams.
To this aim she not only writes, but has a private clinic and teaches workshops on how to take control of your life based on her most successful book 'Hidden Secrets.'

Allison now lives in the North East of England with her husband to be Jonathan, and, on and off, their five children.