Guest Profile

Allison Gee

Allison Gee has been studying metaphysics and holistic health for over ten years. She is a trained practitioner and certified teacher with the Modern Mystery School, a metaphysical university equivalent. Allison has been artistically driven since a young age, and she enjoys inspiring and working with children. She published eight coloring books in only one year. Her love of art and holistic healing has driven her to open and blossom Indigo Fusion Spa & Gallery.

Indigo Fusion Spa & Gallery is a holistic health center located in Seattles University District at 4714 University Way NE. This spa and gallery offers regular meditation classes, holistic wellness services, spiritually conscious art, holistic store products, and classes in spiritual growth and holistic health. Indigo Fusions mission is to empower individuals to be enlightened, peaceful, effective beings that lead joyful and fulfilling lives. Pampering oneself should involve enlightening the body, mind and spirit. Allison wants people to experience joy and relaxation even when they leave the spa and step out into the world. This unique spa and gallery will promote the change we want to see in the world. Now, more than ever, humanity needs this type of healing.