Guest Profile

Alvin Harrison

Alvin Harrison writes, performs and records music he has labled "socially relevant" with his band "The 99" The lyrics of the music speaks to, and attempts to raise awareness to the problems and issues facing Americans and members of the community of the world.

The message does seem to strike a chord with people who have heard it and agree that change is necessary, and that change comes through awareness of the issues and participation in the democratic process. A media focus group has found that 6 out of 10 Americans that have heard his "Anthem For Change" ROUGH TIMES IN AMERICA once, embrace the message and immediately become "fans". DOWNLOAD THE SONG FREE ON THIS SITE.

Alvin has taken the unusual position, for an artist, to offer his music "royalty free" to charitable, church and political organizations promoting change and providing aid to American's in need. His hope is that his music will help to spark a "grass roots" sharing of his music and the message it relays. Of course, help from mass media organizations would be welcome, because getting the message out to more people is the only way to spark awareness and initiate debate. While Alvin believes this change is inevitable, he asks the question....WHY NOT HERE....WHY NOT NOW!

Take a listen to his music on this site and view the music video for ROUGH TIMES IN AMERICA. If you are moved and believe this message MUST be shared, a few simple clicks of your computers mouse can move this message forward on to your friends and family, and they in turn can move it forward and so on. Help to increase awareness that promotes dialog and that will eventually initiate change. The 99 are doing their part. Will you do yours?