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Guest Profile

Alyce Payne

Alyce Payne is a Oneness Trainer and Facilitator of the Oneness Blessing deeksha. She has studied at Oneness University in India three times beginning in 2008. Alyce completed the 21-day Level 1 process and returned to India to complete Level 2. Alyce became a Oneness Trainer in February 2010.

Alyce is an ordained Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking by James Twyman and the Beloved Community. She is inspired by James' words: "Creating peace in the world requires people who are committed to the foundation of inner peace, for peace is a choice each one of us makes long before it is perceived by countries and governments."

The experiential deepening at Oneness University has launched Alyce into a larger space of sharing her own peace with others. Alyce works one on one with clients and develops and teaches courses. Her main contribution is facilitating groups into the experience of oneness. Alyce knows it is possible to live life free of suffering. One of the main experiential teachings she brings to every event and session is that suffering is not in the fact, but in your perception of the fact. She assists anyone in discovering this truth for themselves.

Alyce is certified by Vianna Stibal as a Thetahealing Instructor for Basic and Advanced Levels. Alyce is certified as a Practitioner in Intuitive Anatomy, Advanced Thetahealing and Basic Thetahealing.

Alyce became an initiate of Kriya Yoga under Paramahamsa Prajnanananda in 2001. Alyce has attended classes in Ho'oponopono with Ihaleakala Hew Len PhD. Alyce is an Usui Reiki Master, receiving master level in 1999. Alyce has studied "The Power of Thought" with the late Harold McCoy, founder of the Ozark Research Institute. Alyce has extensive private training with renowned Siberian spiritual healer, Valentina. Alyce has studied Pranic Healing with Master Stephen Co. Alyce has studied The Work with Byron Katie and Radical Forgiveness with Colin Tipping.

Alyce is certified in reflexology, shiatsu and Swedish massage. She has trained extensively in Polarity Therapy in the APP program. Alyce has a background in hands-on healing spanning 15 years.

For information on classes or personal sessions, please contact Alyce at: or visit her website: