Guest Profile

Amanda Kirkland

My journey to becoming a Personal Growth Coach started with my own personal struggles.  Throughout my teenage and adult years I went through multiple toxic and dysfunctional relationships.

Now I’m a self-professed practitioner of self-care!

A BABE - Balanced, Authentic, Babe, Extraordinaire.

Today my life is like 31 flavours of Baskin Robbins ice cream.

The younger version of me was obsessed with reading books and watching movies about the guilty - I wanted to be a Criminal Prosecutor/Crown Attorney (depending on what country you’re living in).

Turns out I didn’t have the grades for I got into Real Estate Development for the next 25 years.

Now, I’m a Personal Growth Coach, yoga junkie, girlfriend,  shopping-fiend to rival Julia Roberts, obsessive dog lover, and a secret Demo/Reno expert.

After years of therapy and self-exploration, I discovered something called Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).  This tool helped me reprogram my subconscious mind, release negative emotions and thought patterns, and heal the emotional wounds I didn’t know I had that had been caused by my past experiences.

Then I realized that my lived experience, both personal and professional could help others.

I bet you’re wondering great, but what qualifies this “BABE” to be a coach?

I have a BA in Social Science from the University of Western Ontario. I’m a certified Avalon Empowerment Trauma Aware Transformational Coach and Master Practitioner in Evolved NLP, Quantum Time Release, Quantum Change Process and Hypnotherapyl I have completed a course in Social Impact Awareness ad a currently working toward certification in Quantum Change Process Level 2.

If you’ve never tried Coaching before…it can change everything in a matter of months. In my own journey, I have experienced more physical and mental shifts than in more than 20 years of traditional talk therapy.

My purpose now is to share my experience and training with others who are struggling similarly with toxic and dysfunctional relationships.  I now work with women (and a few men) helping them start living their best lives by their rules and on their terms.

It’s important my clients learn to take responsibility for their lives and all of their relationships.

I teach how to set boundaries, say heck “no”, and communicate effectively. It’s important to understand where our own subconscious patterns and behaviour came from. And then use the tools I have to make positive changes in their lives.