Guest Profile

Amanda Monnier

Amanda Monnier knows she was put on this earth to support

people in waking up + remembering who they are. Amanda

empowers her clients and helps them heal from the inside out,

break ancestral patterns, and shift into the fullest

embodiment of who they are at a soul level.

Amanda is an Energy Healer, Certified energetic allergy

healing practitioner, Certified Magnetic Mind Coach, Certified

Yoga Teacher (CYT 200 and Yin Yoga), Emotion Code

Practitioner, certified Transformational Nutrition Coach,

and holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology. She assists her clients in

healing old wounds and up-leveling to the highest-soul aligned

version of themselves. Amanda is a woman on a mission to create

a movement of healed, intuitively-connected humans—people

who are truly aligned with their heart & soul, creating a life

on their terms, and passionately unleashing their gifts into the

world. Amanda is completely committed to her soul work of

changing lives.