Guest Profile

Amey Stark-Foust

Amey Stark-Foust has spent her life trying to understand herself. As a wife and mother, she put all of her wants and needs on the back burner to raise her children, like many other moms. Her children, now adults, no longer need her like they did when they were young. As a professional Executive Assistant in corporate America, Amey spent many years working extremely hard to help provide for her family and make a name for herself, with her husband of 29 years. It wasn’t until she was separated and ultimately divorced that she realized something was missing from her life. A journey of self-reflection helped her discover herself and the vivacious, spirited woman

who had been hiding for years. Her side business (Resilient) was initially created, using crafts as her outlet to express herself. Now, Amey chooses to share part of her story in hopes to help other women find their true identities and sense of purpose. Still the same name, Amey’s business is connecting with those women through multiple platforms and opening their eyes to their own resilience.


Amey’s recently published collaborative book Shine Your Light, reached the Amazon Best Seller list in 7 different categories when it launched. Amey is proof that you can do anything you put your mind to.