Guest Profile

Amy Martin

Amy Martin is a well-known North Texas leader in Earth-centered spirituality, spiritual-not-religious and interfaith efforts. She is the creator of the acclaimed SolstiCelebrations presented by Earth Rhythms, for which serves as executive director. She writes weekly from the spiritual-not-religious and Taoist perspective for Texas Faith blog at the Dallas Morning News daily newspaper, and sets on several interfaith panels.

Regarded as the Moonlady, she operates a very popular eclectic email listserve for North Texas called Moonlady News that covers the non-mainstream spirituality, environment, holistic, metaphysic and progressive politics communities.

A journalist and writer of over 30 years experience, she runs Moonlady Media with her husband artist and computer animator Scooter Smith. Moonlady Media produces books, both printed and electronic, on a variety of topics. Books by Amy include Holy Smoke: Loose Herbs & Hot Embers for Intense Group Smudges & Smoke Prayers and the upcoming Poison Oak, Poison Ivy: The Ultimate Guide. A book on the spiritual-not-religious movement is planned for 2011.

Amy and her husband share their wooded East Dallas home with several cats two dogs and a variety of wildlife. They are developing a contemplative nature preserve northeast of Dallas.