Guest Profile

Amy Zanders


Amy Zanders (INHC, CRNC-2, CLC) works with small groups and individuals who want to maximize their individual potential. She offers a fresh perspective on life goals, unique abilities, and how to more effectively care for all 3 dimensions of health by integrating Body, Soul, and Spirit, to become the best version of yourself. The information Amy offers often brings “aha” insights into how to approach life so that dynamic change can be achieved. She has a gift for motivation, and problem-solving skills, from a Biblical perspective, and provides innovative solutions to help people Reach Forward in a way they haven’t been able to achieve on their own.

Amy’s ability to interact and connect with her audience provides an impact that goes beyond good content. An Idaho native and mother of three, small-business owner, and former staff coach for Chrysalis women’s transitional home, Amy draws on her training and life experiences in dealing with health issues that hinder women from fulfilling their true potential. She has discovered that by arranging life around true purpose and identity, stress is reduced and energy increases.

Amy is an Integrative Nutrition Health coach, Certified Recovery Nutrition coach, and specializes in Mental health nutrition. She studied under Dr. Caroline Leaf, and is also a Certified Life Coach through the American Association of Christian Counselors. Amy continues her education and has a passion to be a life-long learner.

She is the author of the “Draw Back and Dig Deep,” and “Making the Most of What You’ve Got Shopper’s guide.” Her latest devotional, “All Creation Speaks,” is set to become available by Fall of 2022. Check out her monthly newsletter and blogs on her website at