Guest Profile

Anahata Roach

As a former corporate communications executive, Anahata helps professional women who’ve experienced overwhelm and burnout learn to shift away from fear, thus finding balance, peace and energy.

A certified Crystal Resonance™ Therapist since 2011, Anahata’s knowledge of crystals and stones has helped her clients and students to release outdated programming on a cellular level and restore energetic balance to the body. Anahata can guide you through a process to permanently delete old emotional patterns and programs, while offering coaching on the use of crystal frequencies for integrating the dramatic shift in energies. She also provides clients with guidance, information and clarity through intuitive readings.

Although now a city dweller, Anahata’s small town childhood gave her an appreciation for the little things that nature offers to those who seek them. She currently lives across the street from one of the largest US public parks and feeds her soul with regular walks there.

Teacher, intuitive and holistic energy medicine practitioner, Anahata Roach is The Crystal Coach! To find out more, go to, or follow @anahataroach.thecrystalcoach on Facebook or Instagram.