Guest Profile

Anastasia Netri

Anastasia Netri, Founder of Entrepreneurial Goddess Coaching, is a business and life coach for women who have left their job to pursue their passion business. Anastasia is also a PSYCH-K facilitator, which is a process that actually can "reprogram" your subconscious mind to support your desires. This, combined with nuts and bolts of business, time management, and self care, can ensure that women find success their very first year in business - and never need a J-O-B again

Anastasia has been coaching for 5 years, and is a dynamic inspirational speaker and writer. She is certified through CANA and has received training from the Coaches Training Institute.

Anastasia is also a serial entrepreneur and has started and successfully run businesses for over 15 years. Anastasia also hosts The Entrepreneurial Goddess Telesummit, featuring women who balance business with Feminine Power, Including speakers such as Janet Atwood, Alexis Martin Neely, Christine Comaford and Marci Shimoff.