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Andrea Evans

Andrea Evans - Founder/

Curriculum for Students

Andi has created a 10-week curriculum for high school students based on her principle philosophies. This self- esteem building course encourages students to gain confidence in themselves, no matter what their current circumstances may be. Andi focuses on self-acceptance, non-judgement, and peace-building life-skills to help teens live an authentic, satisfying life.

Andi works with the students on current issues such as bullying and peer pressure and invites them to build their self-confidence through her teachings.

The course is a lesson in self-assurance and living a fullfilling and peaceful life.

Today, our teens' judgements are clowded by media, billboards, movies and magazines. Peer pressure and depression is extremely prevolent. By teaching our youth that they aready have everything they need within themselves to live their best life, no matter their looks, wealth or GPA, we have an opportunity to encourage our kids to love themselves more, and follow their joy

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Andi Evans, CHt., is the founder of, and a speaker, teacher and writer on happiness, faith and optimism. She is the author of the award winning self-help blog, Spreadhappy Blog, and creator of the self-esteem building curriculum for high school students, Live Your Best Life-Skills. She can be heard weekly on The Happy Hour radio show on News/Talk 1180, WFYL in Philadelphia and on

awarded top 100 best self-help blogs by the Institute of the Psychology of Eating, in the company of Psychology Today and The Happiness Project.