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Guest Profile

Andrea Olivera

Andrea Olivera is a gifted guide and counselor who has spent more than twenty years developing her abilities to help others. Her vast experience with conventional and energy-based vibrational mind-body healing techniques allows her to use her gifted intuition to shed light on various questions and life challenges.

Born and raised in a family with earth medicine traditions, Andrea's natural gifts were nurtured from an early age while growing up participating in the devotional practices of various faiths. Her continuous study of Vedic Astrology, Ayurveda, Yoga Psychology, Religious and Vedia Studies, in combination with PsychoSomatic and Face Reading Analysis, Crystal and Chakra energetic balancing, Tarot and Rice Readings, inspires her to best serve each specific client to their needs and purpose.

Andrea's reputation as an invaluable private counselor attracts various clients within the private and public domain, including TV, music and business personalities. She has also been the creative spirit behind many of the Ayurvedic and rejuvenating healing treatments within the spa and beauty industry in Canada. Gifted at finding out what a person is 'special' for, Andrea's sessions focus to counsel clients on understanding themselves, and their purpose.