Guest Profile

Andrew Freed

"Andrew started off on the W2 track as a project manager and ascended through the corporate ladder from company to company, always looking for the next higher paying job. Then after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, he came to the realization that the rat race is a 30–40-year journey which seems like an eternity. Why not take the leap and try for financial freedom in the next 10 years? Worst case, he can just go back to the workforce and take the traditional retirement path to 65.

After that epiphany, Andrew was determined to take action. He obtained a home line of credit (HELOC) on my one-bedroom condo in Boston and bought 8 deals over the course of 2.5 years; purchasing four triplexes, one 5 unit and two 6 units in Worcester MA, as well as joined 2 apartment building syndications as a limited partner. He currently self manages 30 rental units and is a GP on an apartment syndication. He obtained a majority of my units through househacking and accessing liquidity through lines of credit. He has a passion for teaching others about the power of real estate investing and financial literacy. His ultimate goal is to travel the world and help thousands of others achieve financial freedom through real estate investing."