Guest Profile

Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin is a highly attuned Energy Intuitive and Spiritual Guide. A series of transcendent and clairaudient experiences beginning in 1995 and climaxing in 2012, left him suddenly awakened and on an accelerated path of expansion and evolution.
His ability to take high level, often abstract spiritual knowledge and make it practical and accessible is bringing revolutionary insight to the world. He is the creator of the powerful “Emotional Architecture” tool, hosts the international radio show “A Life Untethered“, and co-hosts the celebrated podcast “The Gay Thing“.
His entertaining, compassionate, and down to earth approach assists people in unlocking powerful, lasting, change. His work is the catalyst for life altering shifts and transformation.

Andrew’s content on YouTube is a key pillar of his work. It is powerful, engaging, and entertaining. Thousands of people tune it to watch his energy forecasts, guided meditations and other transformative tools.

He holds workshops and events across the country. His monthly Soul Expansion Series is a live stream event and has become a thriving community of individuals who join together to receive guidance, inspiration and insight to help them navigate their path.