Guest Profile

Angela Herren

I'm Angela, and I'm driven beauty industry leader, health practitioner and entrepreneur.


As a leader in the Hair Industry: I have spent over 15 years developing myself in one of the best industries in the world -- The Hair Industry! I am a certified French Technique Hairdresser, I create the most beautiful soft commercial looks. I support Non-toxic beauty products. My favorite is Root. Check out my IG!


My Health Story: In my 15 years I have realized that true beauty starts and is felt on the inside. I have struggled with many health issues, from Achalasia 3, Asthma, Mast Cell Syndrome, IBS, Crohn's, to Severe allergies, just to name a few. I've spent the last several years in partnership with my one of my favorite Functional Medicine Practitioners to regain my health. I was tired of going to doctor to doctor only to be given prescriptions which caused even more problems. In working with her I discovered that your body is not separate parts but it's all connected. And symptoms aren't normal! On my journey in regaining my health, I decided I wanted to help others in their healing journey to hopefully shortcut the process I have had to go through. I decided to get certified as a health practitioner. I want to help people feel alive again, supporting each body, for optimal health, joy and freedom. For more about me say hi on Instagram!