Guest Profile

Angela Jia Kim

Angela Jia Kim, go-to lifestyle and business expert for Cosmopolitan, Wall Street Journal, and NBC, has helped thousands of women achieve their dreams through inspirational and practical hands-on tips.

As founder of the Om Aroma organic skincare brand and the Savor the Success entrepreneurial network, she pulls from her experiences as a serial entrepreneur, jet-setting concert pianist, New York City wife the real kind, and mom to share how people can achieve success in all aspects of their life.

In a world where business experts show a compartmentalized view of having a career, and lifestyle experts mainly teach how to live well, Angela combines the two to make the every woman feel like she can have her career, happiness, and family. She tells you, shows you, and exemplifies that you can have it all.

Angela's practical inspiration empowers women to rid their lives of what's holding them back, embrace "gorgeous chaos" and manifest their dreams through her M.A.N.I.F.E.S.T Method. Her popular workshops invigorate people's spirit and inspire them into action for personal and professional success.

Over the past three years, Angela has traveled the world speaking to thousands of women, and appeared on major market TV and radio shows as a go-to lifestyle and business expert. She has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Businessweek, More Magazine, Vogue France, Bravo TV, Cosmo Radio Sirius and Fox Business News. She is a regular expert contributor for MSNBC's Small Business.

Angela is originally from Ames, Iowa and now splits her time between Manhattan and the Catskills with her husband and business partner, Marc Stedman, baby daughter, Sienna Lucy, and yellow lab, Ella Fitzgerald.