Guest Profile

Angie McAllister

Angie McAllister is a Law of Attraction Coach and Spirit Energy Guide.

She began her work with the Law of Attraction and Spirit Energy after being a medical assistant for 15 years and investing years of education in counseling. She has always been strongly empathic. Several years ago, through meditation and becoming an advanced Reiki Practitioner, she rediscovered her spirit and its resonance with Source and Universal Energy. In this process, she came to understand that psychological diagnoses can do more harm than good and it became clear that she could no longer work within the confines of mainstream psychology. Her innate empathic abilities grew to clairsentient knowing, and she now experiences the world as a vibrational being. She began to channel source and her higher self-bringing in and remembering the mechanisms the Universe uses to move us to manifest through the Law of Attraction. She now intentionally works with Source and the Universe using her own vibration and energy, understanding that she has the absolute power to create her desired experience.   
She is now here to remind you that you too have this power and have just forgotten. She will intuitively work with your higher self and source energy to identify the blocks in your manifestation process and guide you in remembering how to use the Law of Attraction and your Emotional Guidance System to manifest. She will also help you understand and heal your shadow aspects, allowing you to produce a clear signal for the Universe to work with. Her passion is to guide and help you remember how to activate your own Spirit Within, connecting you to your Innate Creative Power and Intuitive Abilities.