The Tracy L Clark Show: Unleash the Superhuman Within Radio: Producer James Sinclair of The Grand Self Movie Is In The House!

Guest Profile

Angie Monko

Angie Monko is the owner of Harmony Harbor Coaching since 2008. She is passionate about helping women stop people pleasing and create empowered connection with themselves and others. As a little girl she learned she wasn't good enough and had to be perfect to gain her father’s love. She betrayed herself by marrying someone not right for her, compulsively eating, leaving a supportive community, etc. Her role model was an abusive father who taught her that women were weak. As a result, she gave her husband custody of her 2 year old daughter, and this resulted in her feeling guilty and ashamed. Now that her daughter has passed, Angie will share how she forgave herself and carries on, stronger than before.


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