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Anita Stewart

Anita C. Stewart, R.N. has been gifted to work in healing her whole life. First experienced through her compassionate, gentle care of animals as a child, she went on to earn her nursing degree, with high level hospital nursing as her career for 40 years. Her own debilitating injury initiated a series of events that naturally led her to expand her abilities to help others, physically, emotionally and spiritually—not through her own knowledge and power, but through surrender to a power greater than her own. Energy healing, is explainable in words, but results are seen in the transformed lives of those through whom Anita provides her specialized care. A holistic approach utilizes hands-on energy alignment. Naturally intuitive, she identifies areas in need of work and guides patients through a journey of deep self-discovery.

Her goals are to bridge Energy Medicine into mainstream medicine as a complimentary approach to holism. Working with her patients, co-workers, and private clients brings her great joy and fulfillment.

She says, "The longest Bridge a man will cross is from his head to his heart.”