Guest Profile

Anna Brooke

Rev. Legs Malone is a burlesque performer, show producer, educator and advocate of all things striptease who has been featured in Page Six, Buzzfeed, and Huffington Post. She is also known as Anna Brooke, an author and interdisciplinary healing arts practitioner.

Born and mostly raised in New York City, Anna began her path as a lover of art and dance, obtaining her BA and MA in Art History and Contemporary Art.  Having let her formal art training go, Anna became a full-time healing arts practitioner in 2010. She began her burlesque career as Legs Malone in 2006 and has been a popular star on national and International stages ever since.

She has taught her transformational classes since 2010 all over the world, most notably at BurlyCon, the world’s only burlesque educational convention. She is a rebirthing breathworker, reiki master, empowerment counselor, and the first Wu Tao Dance teacher in the USA. She became a wedding officiant in 2016, incorporating Reverend in her stage name. It is her goal to help people reconnect with their own essence in love and discover deep, soulful possibility in their lives.