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Annie Bond

My Caf Confession
It took me just six months of being surrounded by natural materials to recover from eight years of being seriously sick from devastating central nervous system damage after a pesticide poisoning. It wasnt until I established this natural oasis that I rejuvenated, and I did, like a wilted plant that had been given water. I became well enough to have a baby, and have led a normal life for 21 years because Ive learned about how to do without synthetics, and as long as I can always come home to my natural sanctuary to recover from exposures. An eco-fail turned into an eco-win.

My Open Mic and Gallery
Our intuition knows nature is where we belong and who we are. I feel that you always know when you are in the presence of the highly vibrant essence of nature. The Cherokee say that there is no name for this energy because it is so beyond our imagination that there arent any words in the language to describe it. But all of us know it.
from my book Home Enlightenment Rodale Press, 2008.

My Story
The best-selling author of five books, many eBooks, and literally thousands of articles, Ive been called the foremost expert on green living by Body & Soul magazine. My books include Better Basics for the Home Three Rivers Press, 1999, Home Enlightenment Rodale, 2008, Clean & Green, and True Food National Geographic, 2010. eBooks include Homemade Detox Baths, Natural Skin Care Baths, Clean Green for Pennies, Natural Flu Protection, and more. Ive worked as an editor/blogger on websites for 10 years.

My How-To- Tip
How do you define green? Analyze your toxics footprint as well as your carbon and natural resources footprints.