Guest Profile

Annie Price

Annie Price is a reality TV Producer, who resides in Los Angeles. She has worked for Oprah Winfrey, and has acted as show-runner for multiple TV programs. Annie and her partner, Amy Ruskin, are on a journey to adopt a child.

Annie's bio, by her partner, Amy Ruskin:
Annie is my partner and best friend. She lights up a room with her warmth and humor. Family is very important to Annie. She comes from a huge, loving and supportive family, who are all ready to love and embrace a child. Annie has an adventurous spirit and is always up for trying new things. Last year, she competed in her first triathlon She is the first person to jump into the pool or throw a ball with our friends' children.

Annie will be the ultimate fan of our child's sports teams and can't wait to teach him or her how to throw, kick, or dunk the ball She's a great cook and can't wait to teach our child how to make delicious food and even how to frost a birthday cake She works as a TV producer and loves the excitement and creativity her career brings. Her schedule is flexible enough that she can take long amounts of time off between jobs to stay at home and be a full-time mom.