Guest Profile

Anthony Eldridge-Rogers

Anthony Eldridge-Rogers, CPPC, CARC, FRSA, is a pioneer in the field of Recovery Coaching, a professional coach CTI and Recovery Coach Programme Developer and Trainer. He has over 30 years experience with Recovery and has worked with hundreds of people to make one.
He runs Anthony Eldridge-Rogers & Associates, and the website providing Executive Recovery Coaching services and is the founder of the Foundation for Recovery Coaching,, a non-profit social enterprise, dedicated to bringing Recovery Coaching into communities with the purpose of developing and maintaining Recovery.

Anthony is dedicated to assisting people, through providing access to Recovery Coaching, to recover from a wide variety of life experiences and challenges including but not limited to substance and behavior misuse, addiction, chronic illness, social and family breakdown, mental illness and depression.

Anthony sees Recovery as the outcome of a fulfilled life and he and his team work with humour, deep compassion and wide robust experience to help people initiate, develop and maintain Recovery.

The Foundation for Recovery Coaching provides training for people wishing to become Recovery Coaches as well as building awareness of Recovery Coaching in a number of different spheres.

Anthony's past work experience is in the media and marketing business, making films, TV series and commercials. He has launched several media related businesses the first of which co-produced a film nominated for an Oscar and which have provided media and coaching services a to variety of organisations including BBC Worldwide, Carlton Television and DSTV, Naspers, Ogilvy & Mather & Saatchi & Saatchi.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts FRSA
Anthony lives in Perugia, Italy with his wife and three children.