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Guest Profile

Arlene Tognetti

Arlene Tognetti is owner and CEO of Mellinetti, Inc., is a metaphysical and spiritual enlightenment organization. Arlene has a private practice in astrology and tarot, teaches, and is the author or co-author of eight books. She has promoted metaphysical studies for more than 28 yrs. Arlene started her own studies of astrologoy, tarot and metaphysical beliefs in Southern California, 1972-1978 then moved to Seattle to begin a new life cycle.

Arlenes mission is to provide a resource for you to develop personal awareness, your intuition, and encourage your individual empowerment. Her desire is to help you navigate life via the mediums of metaphysics -- astrology, tarot and your own psychic development. Arlene has a strong belief that each of us has the gift of intuition, the power of insight and the understanding of the natural cycles of the earth. We just have to tap into those abilities and the tools of Metaphysics do just that.


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