Guest Profile

Aspen Robinson

I'm Aspen, of August Knox Coaching. I'm an Energy Healer & Intuitive Coach, who believes that when we show up as our most authentic self, able to own what is so special about us, we become unstoppable in creating a life filled with Healing & Wholeness. 

I got started on this journey when my son was born 2 months premature & we had an unanticipated NICU stay... followed by 8 long years of PTSD & anxiety. I struggled for a really long time to figure out how I could heal myself from the trauma of that experience. And, as the universe would have it, I found energy work and the amazing healing that can happen when you look at things more holistically.

It then truly became my heart’s calling to support others in their healing journey & to share all of the tools & insights that have made such a huge difference in my own life!