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Ataana Badilli

Ataana Badilli is a native of Germany, born to Turkish parents who immigrated in the early 60’s. He moved to the U.S. in the early 90’s, which is where he currently resides. Growing up, it was normal for Ataana’s family to sit at the breakfast table and discuss each other’s dreams as premonitions. His mother sometimes went as far as making clear predictions of people’s deaths or recognizing significant events before they happened. His Mother and Father’s extrasensory perceptions had a strong metaphysical influence on his life.

At an early age, Ataana experienced an awakening that made him aware of God’s presence and the oneness in all of existence. He knew that he would assist others in their awakening process and healing journey. Ataana says, “I saw the Eye of God – it was an Emerald Green donut, and emanating from it was Healing Light. It reminded me of my wholeness. From then on, I knew God – the One Being, the Universe – was within and surrounding me, offering guidance.” He now teaches others to awaken their own healing abilities and connect consciously to their inner torus.

Ataana is a self-taught learner who had to find his own way to make sense of the unusual metaphysical experiences in his life. This is one of the reasons why he can fully understand where you are in your awakening progress. He awoke to inherent deep inner visions to see and understand complex multidimensional patterns, karma, morphogenetic fields, and future and present projections based on energy flow and everything and everyone around him. He gained access to the multidimensionality of realities, the oneness, including earth bound people who passed on, angelic, and extraterrestrial beings. It was perfectly normal for him to see past and parallel lives. It was also natural for him to intuitively apply transformational energy when required.

However, it wasn’t until the ages between ten and eighteen that he realized his daily routines were time-honored practices. It was during this period that he immersed himself in studying and learning about healing, world religions, shamanism, spirituality, psychology and everything related to the mind, body, soul and mysteries of existence. The deep mysteries of life fascinated and guided him in a way where he became a Mystic himself, and he soon combined it with knowledge. The definition for mystic very well describes his journey: a person who seeks by contemplation and self-surrender to obtain unity with the absolute.

When he turned twenty-seven, he went through a purification process and accepted his calling. He started a healthier lifestyle and continued his formal and informal education in natural medicine. He attended Naturopathic schools in Berlin and Cologne and was later initiated into Shamanism and other Healing Modalities. He supported the healing and transformation wherever he traveled and volunteered his services until he became a Spiritual Teacher. He then applied his unmatched, innovative and continuous evolving tools of self-empowerment to support himself and others on their spiritual journey.

Ataana’s Teachings & Teachers
Ataana is a Spiritual Teacher and Energy Healer who has traveled the world supporting individuals, groups and acclaimed spiritual leaders, visiting sacred places, activating new areas, as well as nurturing and strengthening his natural healing abilities.

At the core of Ataana’s teachings is becoming conscious and living up to our fullest ataana with deepak chopra rounded cornerspotential. Each one of us wants to live the best life possible, but there are many energy interferences to self-realization. Energy and Transformational work allow us to remember how to live in balance with all of creation. Ataana inspires us to tune in, activate and access all of our energy to unveil our highest, truest Healing light. A part of the process is connecting oneself consciously to source (i.e. God, Buddhahood, Christ-consciousness, Universe, Oneness) and our spiritual journey, at whatever point we are, and whatever faith we belong to.

He can see all patterns and assists the individual or group through awareness to transform limiting actions and belief systems. In other words, he makes your journey transparent to you so you can decide for yourself what changes would be appropriate. It also opens the door to attract what really serves and to let go of non-serving patterns. In essence, he invites us to go deeper into the study and understanding of one’s true self.

Transformation is possible at any given stage or time.
Ataana’s greatest gifts are mastering systems – understanding the raw materials and energetic blueprints of existence. How we think, behave, communicate and act is a manifestation of how we’re energetically wired. He can decode all stages of being-ness in a way that explains why things are happening in our lives the way they do.

Although people have experienced spontaneous healing under Ataana’s care, he firmly believes it is due to God’s Grace, the person’s willingness, love and the overall intention to change, in combination with his energy work that allows balance to happen. Sometimes it’s as simple as having an epiphany or a-ha moment to realize there’s a situation that doesn’t have to be repeated, knowing that someone is available to support you when you’re going through a hard time, and understanding how and why you got there, and what is needed to to get you back on track. Ataana realizes it is not so much about the miracle healing but more about teaching people how they can become more aware, healthier, and have the right tools for maintaining the momentum as well as raising this new gained consciousness.

Transformation leads to transformation.
Every step towards our true self is a step towards wholeness.Ataana has designed a unique holistic system called the Ataana Method to nourish, connect, unveil and apply your specific healing gifts. When you are ready to step into a higher phase of consciousness, he can activate specific frequencies to support your journey.

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