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Atherton Drenth

Since she was a small child, Atherton Drenth’s natural abilities as a clairvoyant were nurtured and encouraged. Raised in an eclectic household her parents actively supported and encouraged her intuition. Atherton was tutored in Theosophy, metaphysical, spiritual and religious concepts to help her embrace and understand her intuitive abilities. After a near-death experience as a result of a misdiagnosis, Atherton began a journey into a world of healing she barely knew existed. Saved by a young healer who recognized her abilities to help others, he urged her to train with him and helped her to understand what to do with her intuitive gifts and spiritual training. Even though her background was in science and she was formally trained as a Medical Technologist, she trusted her instincts and delved into the mysterious world of energy medicine. She found her true calling.


Atherton is a Clairvoyant, Medical Intuitive, Holistic Energy Practitioner and author facilitating transformational healing for her clients. She has been in private practice for over sixteen years and has conducted over 35,000 healing balances on clients from around the world.

Atherton Drenth is the author of "Following Body Wisdom" (Dec 2009) which is the ideal go-to-guide for those looking to discover the unique benefits of energy medicine and how to use it effectively and safely for their own personal well-being. She is also the author and creator of the "The Vertical Axis," an audio mp3 recording that teaches the listener one of the most powerful grounding techniques available today. Atherton is also a contributing author to the best seller, 365 Days of Grace.