Guest Profile

Auriella O'Neill

As a very young child, I received several knowings: the mind is powerful, there are universal laws, and I was to bring forth information that would facilitate a change in consciousness.

I first became consciously aware of the power of the mind when I was a partner in an electronics corporation and contributed to its success as its Vice President of Sales & Marketing. I experienced how my thoughts manifested in the company's success. After several years, I left this position to deepen my spiritual understanding of the power of the mind.

My study and understanding of the power of the mind moved beyond the knowledge of the law of attraction and the mind itself to a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of who each of us are as creators in our life experience and to also where our power truly resides. I have come to understand universal laws and truths that are core to our being. With this understanding, life has more ease and the ability to manifest or create becomes a more enhanced natural ability.

These understandings I have conveyed through my workshops and to my private clients and as a result not only do they feel more empowered in their life, but their success rate in manifesting what they desire is 97%.

By awakening to our spiritual infinite self and integrating it into our human physical existence in a natural, easy way, it creates the shift in consciousness which in turn creates the shift in life and brings more empowerment and grace to the individual.