Guest Profile

Barb Pastuszko

Barb is a certified life coach working with women over 40 who are seeking guidance in moving away from overwhelm and ordinary, to a place of personal power and peak state.

She works with each of her clients together as a team to discover what stops them from achieving their goals, what stories they have been telling themselves over the years and recognizing the self-sabotaging behaviors that have quieted their voice over the years.

She helps them create new habits and behaviors that move them forward to living their most extraordinary lives which enables them to reach for their dreams and goals with energy.

Through her own personal experiences in my journey, she brings an understanding and relatability to each conversation. She is their supporter, cheerleader and accountability partner who listens without judgement, giving each person a safe space to heal and grow. That is what you get through her programs and much more.

She is a wife, mother and most importantly a woman who has found her voice and whose sole passion is to give back to those who are looking for theirs.