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Guest Profile

Barbara Evans

Barbara Evans' spiritual journey of awakening, involving a transformation from High School teacher to healer, artist and author, was prompted by a major life event: the death of her father triggered a passion for finding a new way of living and being within the world, one that does not include pain and fear. During her journey, Barbara has studied many alternative healing methods, becoming a Reiki Master, Crystal Resonance Therapist, Shiatsu practitioner and Ordained Minister. However, the most significant milestone in Barbara's transformational journey has involved her entry into the world of High Vibrational Healing Art, with previously unrecognized gifts coming together in the creation of a series of Image Key paintings, based on sacred geometry, color and crystals.

As an author, intuitive and transformational healing artist, Barbara strives to inspire others to discover their true passion and potential... to connect with their inner essence and life purpose, and to consciously contribute in creating a New Earth and New Dream for all people.

Barbara's life began in England. After studying at the Universities of Liverpool and Cambridge, she became a teacher of Biology with a passion for the environment. She relocated to the US in 1994, and currently resides with her husband in Michigan. Her three children are pursuing careers in New York and Boston.

Visit Barbara's website at www.The