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Guest Profile

Barbara Ford-Hammond

Barbara is a muse, hypnotherapist and author. She has been running her private clinic and training school for twenty years and works with an international clientele.

She is the author of The Psychic Way: Fine-tuning Your Intuition and Past Life Tourism: Gateway to Bridging Your Past and Future.

Barbara is also the publisher of 6th Books and Bedroom Books both are imprints within John Hunt Publishing.

Working with people from all walks of life has ensured she is at the top of her profession. Her success comes through combining hypnosis, coaching, intuition and the desire to share knowledge.

She works in an intuitive way, recognising that one size doesnt fit all moulds. She believes that we should all revel in our own uniqueness and beat to the sound of our own drum

In her own words: When people work with me, shift happens. Quickly.