Guest Profile

Bee Herz

Based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado-psychic Bee Herz is an internationally recognized intuitive and expert in the field of para-normal communication. The little snowy corner of Colorado that Bee calls home is an oasis for her and her family. She lives on the edge of a rushing mountain stream surrounded by a national forest and a wilderness with its own deep secrets and mysteries. That alpine Steamboat setting is perfect for Bee - she has wildlife all around her as well as a pretty sophisticated resort town not too far away.
Thats fitting - Bee is a blend of mystique and the down-to-earth; she has sophisticated tastes as well as deep spiritual leanings. Her counsel is appreciated by people with some and/or all of those blends of characteristics as well; city lawyers and hospital doctors call to have a reading as well as local moms and rural school teachers. Then theres also municipal law enforcement agencies around the country that contact Bee on a moments notice to help solve anything from amber alert missing children cases to unsolved murders.

A proven psychic healer & advisor, she has practiced as an intuitive for decades. She can quickly and accurately channel information to help her clients uncover the secrets of their own life patterns, as well as accurately point them in the direction of a successful future. Bee connects to and receives guidance for individuals from the archangels Gabriel and Michael as well as from peoples higher selves or Spirit Guides. Her gentleness, kindness and clarity of vision profoundly affects her clients, often evoking emotions and knowledge deeply buried for years, and providing much needed clarity around decisions affecting their futures.