Guest Profile

Bella LaVey

Bella LaVey is a holistic, sacred sexuality coach, certified through the Human Potential Institute. Bella also trained at the Somatica Institute, known for its revolutionary sex and relationship coaching methodology.

In 2009, Bella took vows in the White Tigress tradition, a secretive Taoist female lineage. Now she actively integrates and shares this sacred knowledge in her Radical Radiance women’s online salon held every spring and fall.

A perpetual student and devotee of the esoteric arts, she began studying with Yun Xiang Tseng in 2010. Bella immersed herself fully in Tseng’s lineage training of movement qigong, medical qigong, and immortality inner alchemy. And is now humbled to be a 26th generation Long Men Dragon Gate certified qigong teacher. Most recently, Bella continued her studies in 2019 under Mantak Chia...the most renowned Taoist in the world.

Unique experience, circumstance, and study propelled her into a position of service for those seeking balanced, fulfilling lives. Bella is a bestselling author of Fetish Girl: A Memoir of Sex, Domination, and Motherhood. Currently based in Austin, Texas, she holds space both remotely and in person for her clients to come into communion with their highest purpose. Through workshops and personalized coaching packages, she serves as a trusted guide toward powerful transformation.