Guest Profile

Ben Neil

Ben Neil has a background in sales and finance. After experiencing a series of catastrophic and life-altering events in 2009 which included the end of his long-term relationship with his significant other, total financial loss, and the tragic death of his mother, which Ben refers to as his dark night of the soul, he became an avid student. Inspired by a speech that he discovered by the late Og Mandino, Ben began his journey of self-discovery. Since that time, he has read more than 1,500 books on subjects ranging from psychology, NLP, eastern philosophy, metaphysics, and ancient wisdom, in an effort to fully understand the workings of the mind. Inspired by the works of Og Mandino, Steven Pressfield, Paulo Coelho, Gregg Braden, Michael Singer, Deepak Chopra, James Allen, James Redfield, and many more, Ben began writing his first novel The Initiate, in 2014. The book is a highly emotional story that closely describes Ben’s personal experience as he set out on his path to self-discovery which led to his spiritual awakening. Originally from San Diego, California, Ben currently lives with his family in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is currently working on his second book in The Initiate Series.