Guest Profile

Bennie Harris

Bennie Harris is a 5th-year Clinical Psychology Candidate enrolled in a Southern California Psy.D. program. He suggests that his life has come full circle, growing up on military installations in the United States and abroad during the Vietnam War, then seeing first-hand the residual effect of war, racism, and marginalization on his Central California coastal community during high school. His time served in the United States Marine Corps, time served in Iraq, and experience with Veteran’s suffering through homelessness, has rekindled his desire to be a part of the solution. He’s committed to asking the questions that invite ALL parties to reconsider their cherished biases in consideration of our common humanity and potential for good. Bennie has completed his practicum training experience at the Relational Center in Los Angeles, where he shared in their mission to “lead a shift to a culture that values empathy, diversity, and interdependence.” He is now in the process of completing his graduate internship hours. Bennie serves on several non-profit boards and is currently the Board President of the Concept-Therapy Institute in San Antonio, Texas, a non-profit educational organization open to all students interested in the study of this philosophy.