Guest Profile

Beth Berdofe-White

Beth Berdofe White is the Director of Public Relations for Straight Arrow Products, Inc, the makers of the Original Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo and Conditioner, and much, much more.  Ms. Berdofe White grew up in Harrisburg, PA., later moving to Philadelphia, PA to attend college at Drexel University’s Nesbitt Design school and then straight to NYC for her first job in the crazy world of high fashion (lived there for 13 years). She lived the true Carrie Bradshaw life of Sex and the City... ‘did her time’ in the Fashion and Beauty industry...started at Allure Magazine as an assistant and then a fashion editor/stylist, went free-lance and continued to work for various fashion publications (the American version of Marie Claire, Grazia magazine, Italian Vogue and many high profile advertising campaigns. A pivotal point in her career is when she decided to trade in her editor hat to cross over to the unknown territories of Public Relations, heading straight to Barneys New York as a member of their Publicity department and eventually landing the job as PR Director at philosophy cosmetics.  She married a Rock ‘n Roll drummer and traveled all over for work and fun.  Berdofe White moved back to central PA in 2003 and was reunited with her pals at philosophy cosmetics and was asked to come back to resume her position of Director of Public Relations.  Five more years of imparting good ‘grass roots’ PR to the media for philosophy, Ms. Berdofe White left to join a PR/Advertising Agency called White Good in Lancaster PA heading up their PR Department.  They dealt home and home furnishing-related goods and serviced both National and International clients.  Wanting to get back to the beauty ‘beat’, Ms. Berdofe White applied for a position via the National Public Relations Society and was hired to run Global PR for Straight Arrow Products, Inc. the makers of the Original Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo, Conditioner and many other products. Straight Arrow’s roots are in the Equine grooming product industry but the company brought Beth aboard to help strengthen their connections in the personal care industry for Mane ‘n Tail where, by word of mouth, people started using the product for their own shampooing and conditioning needs. Now Mane ‘n Tail is a huge hair care brand for people, and widely distributed everywhere.  Beth has brought her experience, media savvy, expertise and her long-standing relationships with the media to help create a buzz to all the different audiences that Straight Arrow markets to. She has a passion for bringing knowledge and brand awareness to all media outlets.


Beth Berdofe White lives in Bethlehem, PA for the past six years when she accepted the position at Straight Arrow.  She loves the little town and is also passionate about her kitty boys, listening to music, helping others, her family and dear friends, the practice of living awareness and still has her pulse on the fashion industry (when need be)!