Guest Profile

Beth Larsen

Beth Larsen is an Energy Alchemist and Happiness Coach for High Achieving Women who want MORE....
MORE Joy, MORE Energy, MORE Passion, MORE Money, and MORE Meaning.   

Her mission and purpose rose out of personal experience.  After a 20-year career in the retail industry with 15 years in executive leadership, Beth found herself at the top of her success game but physically burnt out and spiritually broke.  Faced with a health crisis and completely exhausted, she walked away from the career with the intention of "fixing" what was broken so she could go back and pick up where she left off.

Instead, she found herself on a journey of transformation that took her around the world, working with some of the top mentors in the fields of high performance, spirituality, consciousness, quantum mechanics, somatics, and brain optimization. Her understanding of energy was flipped upside down and inside out and it changed her health, her happiness, and her whole life:  Energy is the real currency--everything else is just a vibrational match.

Combining her experience as a Certified High-Performance Coach™, Happy for No Reason® Facilitator, Certified Money Breakthrough Business Coach® (including Branding with Archetypes® and Sacred Money Archetypes®), Higher Brain Living® Facilitator, Emotion Code™ Practitioner and Certified BreathMaster, Beth offers transformational coaching programs including her Flourish Formula™ 1:1 Mentorship, Flourish Frequency™ Monthly Membership,  Flourish Alchemy™ Group Mastermind and Wired for Wealth™ Group Coaching Program.