Guest Profile

Beth McDonald

Solving Problems, Bringing Peace. Beth McDonald is a Santa Barbara-based psychic, astrologer, writer, and business consultant. She provides spiritually-based guidance and insight to corporations, businesses, and their executives. Regardless of the client, Beth’s goal is always the same: to design and execute strategies specifically created to help them meet their goals on time, on budget, and in ways that bring them greater peace.

Strong psychic abilities had run on both sides of her family tree for generations. Unlike most psychics, Beth is one of those rare talents who receives insight and psychic information in all three ways: visually (clairvoyance), aurally (clairaudience) and kinesthetically (clairsentience). Because of this, as the depth of her native abilities was revealed, she was strongly urged by a series of professionals to develop and utilize these gifts in the service of the higher good, and integrate them into her business consulting practice.

Since the early 1990s she has trained in a variety of different methods and styles of reading, regressing, and energetic healing with such notable luminaries as Gary Douglas, Renée Fleming, Susan Powers, Dr. David Cumes, Dr. Brian Weiss, and Dr. Donald Epstein, the founder of Network Chiropractic and the 12 Stages of Healing Philosophy and Method. Additionally, she studied astrology for three years with Jennifer Freed and Dorothy Boswell, as part of a group that later became the ACS Psychological Astrology program. Beth has been working professionally as a Business Consultant since 1990, as a psychic since 1994 and as an astrologer since 1997. To learn more about Beth and how she can help you move forward with greater peace and confidence, contact her today.


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