Guest Profile

Bettina Gomez-Lara

Bettina Gomez-Lara is a mother, wife, master massage therapist, entrepreneur, intuitive energy worker, creator of spiritual apothecary products and a Brownsville, TX native. Bettina's heart-centered work has helped people from all over the world and all walks of life to reach internal harmony. In the past, she has worked with the community to bring massage to music festivals and city events inviting and educating people on the immense importance of self care through body work and energy work.

Since obtaining her license in massage therapy in 2011, Bettina has committed extra hours of massage/ body work, continuing education and development of her own self care in order to provide exceptional, compassionate care specific to each person who seeks her wisdom and advanced therapy. She has cultivated her own unique skills intended to assist her patients reach internal and external balance.

Among her many certifications are Warm Bambo Massage, Integrated Table Thai, Cupping, Gentle Deep Tissue Massage. Other energy based certifications include Reiki Master, Shamanic based spiritual practices, and Crystal Chakra Balancing. Bettina offers Sound Bath sessions, using her Crystal Sound Bowls, and this powerful resonating energy is a great accompaniment to her Crystal Chakra Balancing and Energy Work sessions.

These days you can find Bettina in her massage therapy establishment Kitsune Massage Therapy. Visitors are welcomed to sit and have a cup of organic fair trade coffee or curated organic tea as well as shop from her magical apothecary line of products under Moon Sage Mystics. She specifically designed each product to support her patients needs. You will find prepared candles, anointing oils, energy cleansing sprays, smudging herbs, crystals, books, special kits, and more. All products are prepared with love, pure intent, cleansed and Reiki empowered.