Guest Profile

Bettina Torres

Bettina Torres earned her degree in Global Business Management and Spanish at Cal State San Marcos. She says, "My interest in health and fitness has been lifelong. In my thirties, when I originally went back to school, my focus was on becoming a doctor. Therefore, my pre-med education was extensive and I fulfilled all my pre-requisites as preparation for medical school. As life can changes a person's course often enough, I switched my major from biology to Business and Spanish. However, those same life changes brought me back to my passion for personal health and healthcare. I developed constant inflammation in my fingers and was looking at a very painful future living with Arthritis. I had surgery and was in constant joint pain. I was not looking forward to getting older and worse."

"Then I was Introduced to BEMER technology in 2006 and purchased one in 07. And I was so impressed I became involved with the German company that produces this innovative and ground breaking technology. The BEMER electro-magnetic device works by supporting a natural function in our small vessels called vasomotion. It supports and improves blood flow into the even the smallest capillaries where the exchange of oxygen and nutrients for waste takes place."

Bettina later opened her own clinic, REGENERATION POINT in Spokane to restore and maintain health in her clients. REGENERATION POINT takes a unique approach to fitness and wellness that incorporates highly effective non-invasive modalities and state-of-the-art technologies such as BEMER physical vascular technology, and pneumatic unweighting systems, whole body vibration platforms and a treadmill to promote and sustain regenerative processes within the body mind and spirit.

Bettina has used the BEMER daily for 7 years and it has changed her personal life and the life of all her clients. All her pain and inflammation went away. Now she's complaint-free, can ski again, has so much energy, and sleeps well. And now, drawing on her knowledge and on her experience as a distributor helping others get well, she has created a completely personalized program to fit each client's unique need. The outcome is wonderful