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Guest Profile

Bill Holton PhD

As the co-founder of the Holton Consulting Group, Inc. and Liberty Publishing Group, Dr. Holton has been writing, speaking, coaching, and publishing for more than 30 years. Over the course of his outstanding professional career, he has written fifteen nationally-acclaimed business management books; has authored/co-authored 12 nationally-acclaimed business books, and written over 300 articles on leadership, optimism, positiveness, creativity, human potential, and work/life enrichment. Dr. Holton has contributed significantly to the careers of men and women who have sought his work and life enrichment advice for important decisions in their lives.

Dr. Holton is well known for: 

  • His interest in the relationship between positive psychology, neuroscience, and workplace productivity, which makes him a perfect catalyst and motivator;
  • His award-winning books on self-development, leadership, work and life enrichment, and people’s extraordinary nature;
  • Helping leaders and teams connect with their extraordinariness, innate wisdom, creativity, and optimistic spirit.
  • His out-of-the-box thinking in thought management concepts and in exploring what neurosciences call our “Deeper Self.”