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  12/28/2012      01:00 pm

Voices of Women with Host Kris Steinnes: Theta Healer Colby Wilk, Artist Kym Gordon-Cumbo and Bonni Stratton

Guest Profile

Bonni Stratton

Bonni Stratton

Bonni Stratton, MSW, is a Spiritual Director, graduate of the Vibrational Health Institute, and a pilgrim on the road to inner freedom. Having worked within the field of Hospice and end of life for the past 15 years, Bonni has witnessed the grace that flows when we are able to give and receive forgiveness. Her intention to live inside the potential of community has been enhanced by her studies with many of the worlds wisdom teachers and through her own experiences with multigenerational living, death and dying, ritual, the power of story, and forgiveness.


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