Guest Profile

Bonnie Mashack

BD Mashack is a Bay Area based Counselor, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Author of “The Dreams of Mattie Fitch.” She believes that “Your Dreams are Your Reality Asleep, Wake Them Up.”Bonnie had been counseling children and adults for almost 20 years. In her work with clients, she created an atmosphere for those in need to wake up their sleeping dreams, and heal their “secrets.” It is her belief that everyone has “secrets” that, when dealt with, can lead one to make right choices.Then one day, during recovery from a serious illness, Bonnie began to receive visitations from a young girl that during meditations and prayers was revealed to be her own inner child spirit. She called herself Mattie, and upon Mattie’s insistence, Bonnie put pen to paper and “The Dreams of Mattie Fitch” was born. In the book, Mattie appears to people standing at a crossroad and preparing to make life-changing decisions. Mattie assists in guiding them to make the right choices.Bonnie and Mattie believe that when we are able to face our greatest fears we can choose the path that leads to our greatest spiritual convictions, success, and happiness.