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Guest Profile

Boyd Badten

Boyd Badten

Boyd Badten has studied the teachings of the ascended masters for 30 years and has practiced specialized yoga and meditation for 28 years. He has served since August of 2010 as the Hearts Center's Director of Operations.

In addition, he manages the IT and technical development and operations that knit The Hearts Center community together. He is a past president of the board of directors of The Hearts Center and has been either a volunteer or an employee of The Hearts Center since it began.

Previous to his time with the Hearts Center, Boyd was one of the founders of He was for 13 years the resident technical go-to and a key architect of the company's IT infrastructure as well as various internal technical, customer service and quality assurance processes. Boyd's primary roles at were as VP of the company's technical service department, technical training for new reps, along with project management for various company initiatives.

Boyd studied chemistry, math and physics at the University of Washington in Seattle for 6 years. He is an opera fan, music collector, and self-taught tenor and song writer. In his spare time, Boyd also enjoys fishing, backpacking and other outdoor activities with his wife and two children.